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Moving Services

Whether you need to move one large item, like a piano or big screen TV, or an entire home or office, we have the skill and experience to give you a smooth move. We can handle a full move including packing and unpacking, or simply have us take care of your large problem items that you're not comfortable moving on your own. We will disassemble and reassemble furniture as needed. Move Rite always puts our customers' needs first, so you can trust our reliable team to always handle your items safely and securely.
At Move Rite we know how tiring it can be to try to move all of your belongings or office supplies on your own. Move Rite is an FULL-SERVICE mover and we work hard to ease the burden of moving. With our reputable same-day moving and packing services, you can cast your worries aside and avoid business downtime.. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, so you can trust that you will always receive quality, professional service. We'll go the extra mile to help you make the most of your moving experience. We provide any-time moving services, including evenings and weekends for all types and sizes of residential and commercial moves.
Two Movers with Boxes - Movers in Winter Park, FL


One Large Moving Truck and 2 Movers - Movers in Winter Park, FL
One large moving truck - 2 professional movers
Like most moving companies in a major city, our Professional Drivers are on an hourly rate, and we must charge for drive time.
One Large Moving Truck and 3 Movers - Movers in Winter Park, FL
One large moving truck - 3 professional movers
Cut your time in half and keep your movers fresh by adding a 3rd Pro and now you have 2 Pro's running to a 3rd loading the truck!
One Large Moving Truck and 4 Movers - Movers in Winter Park, FL
One large moving truck - 4 professional movers
Add a 4th Pro to run all 1 man items like boxes, lamps, plants, dining chairs, paintings, small furniture, etc. and you have yourself a fast, efficient, unstoppable machine!