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About Move-Rite, LLP

Move Rite began with a focus on customer service providing the best moving experience possible for their neighbors in Winter Park, FL and the surrounding area achieving much success. We have found a formula to create an unstoppable force; Honesty, Integrity, and Accountability. By mixing the knowledge from the Bible with the combined years of knowledge we have in this industry which exploded into an untouchable level of service.
We believe in ourselves and what we do, finish what we start and deliver what we promise. We enjoy helping people and meeting their needs. Our business goals are to help our customers , engage employees and their potential, and help our customers achieve their highest aspirations. Our priority is to make a great relationship with people. Our team is committed to being the best in business; radiating positive energy, excellence, and kindness to every person we are fortunate to help.
Two Movers Carrying Sofa - Movers in Winter Park, FL

“I take part in EVERY job that comes through this company. That is the one thing you will not get from our competitors. I am with you from start to finish. You get me, not an absent owner. I will Do everything to make sure you do not regret doing business with me. That is by far the best guarantee.” - Owner Curtis D. Hersey