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Apartment Moves

It's not necessary to get a flat rate for a small 2 bedroom apartment move. The hourly rate is sufficient. This will save you money! You never know, you may have the time to get your beds disassembled, your TV's and electronic equipment disconnected and removed, items packed in your car, boxes brought down to the garage, small items already transferred over to the new apartment, closets emptied, etc. – THESE THINGS ALL TAKE TIME OFF YOUR BILL!!!!
Couple in Apartment - Movers in Winter Park, FL

We are a Christian Company with much compassion and integrity. Profits feed Orlando's homeless. We are fast, efficient, and do NOT do damage.


Moving Reminders

It's not the large furniture that takes time to move – it's all the small things!!! Especially with stairs, we cannot bounce your boxes down the stairs stacked on a box dolly. They have to be carried one at a time down the stairs. It's time-consuming when it comes to elevator and stair moves. We are considerate of your neighbors and property management. We will relocate the truck as necessary. Please let your guard gate know that we are coming and provide us with any gate codes. Our moves typically start between 8-9 AM.

Moving Suggestions

The closer we can get to your front door, the less time your move will take. Use your cars the night before to reserve the closest parking spaces or curb for the truck on the following move day. Move on a day that your dumpster has been dumped. We will toss those unwanted items for you, if there is room, in the dumpster. Please secure your pets. We love them so we do not enjoy stepping on them.


One Large Moving Truck and 2 Movers - Movers in Winter Park, FL
One large moving truck - 2 professional movers
Like most moving companies in a major city, our Professional Drivers are on an hourly rate, and we must charge for drive time.
One Large Moving Truck and 3 Movers - Movers in Winter Park, FL
One large moving truck - 3 professional movers
Cut your time in half and keep your movers fresh by adding a 3rd Pro and now you have 2 Pro's running to a 3rd loading the truck!
One Large Moving Truck and 4 Movers - Movers in Winter Park, FL
One large moving truck - 4 professional movers
Add a 4th Pro to run all 1 man items like boxes, lamps, plants, dining chairs, paintings, small furniture, etc. and you have yourself a fast, efficient, unstoppable machine!