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Great Moving Deals with Move Rite

Facebook Offers can be requested verbally at any time. Check our Facebook page for special offers as well as constantly updated reviews, pictures, and videos at Move Rite Orlando
10% Discount when your referred by your Realtor! (If your Realtor is not referring us, suggest they visit our REALTOR ONLY page and as soon as they request business cards from us, you save 10%)
Always FREE Wardrobe Boxes On Every Truck! Always FREE Mattress Bags!
Free Disconnect / Reconnect Basic Electronics - Computers, TV's, Stereos, Lamps, Fans, Etc. - On ALL Flat Rate In-Home Estimated Moves!
5% Discount for AAA Members, Widows, and Single Mothers, Veterans, Fireman, and Police!

We provide a substantial gift, to any employee that sends their company to us for moving services, based on the size of the relocation. See the commercial moves section of our website.