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Expanded Moving Services

Appliance Moving
Don't sell your home with your high end appliances. Move-Rite can swap them out for you before or on the day of the move with less expensive units you purchased or the ones from your new home. We move all appliances all shapes, weights, and sizes including commercial restaurant equipment.
Why pay extra for an electrician and a lighting company? Move-Rite are licensed and insured to move your light fixtures and chandeliers of any shape and size.
Appliances - Movers in Winter Park, FL
Crane & Hoist Services
Move-Rite always provided this service but you would be surprised what our seasoned professionals have moved into stairwells, doorways, and elevators where our competitors cannot or give up to easily. A seasoned mover loves a challenge.
We recommend that all over sized fragile items valued over $5,000.00 be crated. We do not waste our customers money on unnecessary packing or crating. Blanket wrapping, as well as using dish packs and picture/mirror packs, made of heavy duty cardboard, are usually sufficient in most cases. Crating a metal chandelier, with no crystals, would be a waste of your time and money when all we really need to do is remove the bulbs and blanket wrap or box.
Delivery - Local & Long Distance
Please see rates for current pricing.
All local deliveries have 1 hour drive time. This covers local deliveries for drive and stalled time in normal traffic. Employee wages, vehicle wear and tear, and fuel consumption were all considered in making this company standard.
When you ride long distance consolidated with other customers items, headed in the same direction, you save a substantial amount of money. The only down fall is that you have to wait between 7 to 60 days for delivery. We will pick up your items immediately and store them at our facility free of charge until shipment.
Furnitures - Movers in Winter Park, FL
Floor Protection
We have been performing deliveries and moves on every type of flooring surface you can imagine. We know the correct application for every situation.
Emergency Services
We are available 24 hours a day for water & fire damage, mold, bug infestation, crime scene clean up, evictions, etc.
Furniture Protection
We pad wrap EVERYTHING!! If its not in a cardboard box or a crate, we pad wrap it. When you look in the back of our truck loaded with your items, all you will see is a sea of blankets. Even if its grandpas favorite rusty lawn chair and the out door pot with the tree sitting next to him goes, its getting pad wrapped.
Grandfather Clocks
Our seasoned professionals have a vast knowledge in the disassemble, packing, and reassemble of even the most advanced antique clocks.
Many people do not know that you must never touch the internal parts by hand just for the simple fact that your natural oils will oxidize the brass.
Many do not realize that although all of the weights LOOK the same shape, weight, and size, they are not and must be put back in the EXACT order they came out in.
Handyman Services
Obviously with all of the variety's of furniture and household items our seasoned professionals have disassembled and reassembled over the years, most are mechanically inclined. We are just limited on what we can do and cannot do by local laws. We do not carry a General Contractors License. Were not licensed electricians or plumbers. We may not be allowed to run wires thorough a wall or install a water softener but we can connect a dishwasher and install a light fixture. Their are many things were capable of and some things were not allowed to do.
Hot Tub Moving
Moving a hot tub, sometimes called by the brand name Jacuzzi, requires finesse. A typical hot tub weighs up to 800 pounds and cannot be pushed or pulled to the new destination. It also cannot be moved by just one person due to its awkward size and the safety concerns involved with moving large objects.
We move all types of pianos: Uprights, Spinet, Grand, Baby Grand, Concert Grand, Electric, Player, Mini Grand Electric, Organs. If it has keys, we can move it.
Picture, Painting, Mirror Packing, and Wall Art Hanging
Move Rite provides professional hanging for $95 an hour to hang your pictures, paintings, and mirrors any time with the proper hanging materials and equipment.
  • Pad Wrap – Free
  • Picture Mirror Pack – $13.00 .ea
  • Crating – Starts @ $60.00 .ea
Pool Table Moving
Moving a pool table will require a near-complete dis-assembly of the table and a healthy amount of muscle power to move the pieces that do not come apart. We do not level or replace/re-stretch felt. Your pool table company will do this for you. The average cost for this service is $50. You can also pick a new color felt.
Appliances - Movers in Winter Park, FL
When you go into your own storage, no moving company can cover you for damages. Get storage through Move Rite and we will be responsible for your items the entire time they are in our possession. We are a high security facility and will need a 24 hours notice for access.
We can save you time and money by keeping your items stacked and stored in an on site separate room, garage, or on our trucks at our facility for a short period of time instead of paying for a “DOUBLE” move in and out of storage.
Safe Moving
We use dollies when moving, protect floors and pick up and deliver from all stores.
Storage On Trucks
Why pay for a double move in and out of storage short term? Leave your items on our trucks for up to 5 days.


One Large Moving Truck and 2 Movers - Movers in Winter Park, FL
One large moving truck - 2 professional movers
Like most moving companies in a major city, our Professional Drivers are on an hourly rate, and we must charge for drive time.
One Large Moving Truck and 3 Movers - Movers in Winter Park, FL
One large moving truck - 3 professional movers
Cut your time in half and keep your movers fresh by adding a 3rd Pro and now you have 2 Pro's running to a 3rd loading the truck!
One Large Moving Truck and 4 Movers - Movers in Winter Park, FL
One large moving truck - 4 professional movers
Add a 4th Pro to run all 1 man items like boxes, lamps, plants, dining chairs, paintings, small furniture, etc. and you have yourself a fast, efficient, unstoppable machine!