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Local & Long Distance Residential Moving

Move-Rite provides an hourly rate with no additional surprise charges on your final bill or a FREE “FLAT RATE NOT TO EXCEED” in-home estimate on the spot. Estimates are at your convenience Monday – Saturday 10 AM – 9 PM.
Most moves start at 9-10 AM. Your lead man will call you when in route. The best estimator is a senior seasoned mover with many years of experience that knows what it takes and costs to get the job done. We provide full or partial paking services.

If you are out of town or unavailable, give us the contact information of your realtor, house-watch, family member, maid, building manager, neighbor, etc. and we will schedule an estimate time and day with them directly. We will email your quote immediately. Please be available at that time via phone in case there are questions. NO SURPRISES AT THE END.
Estimates are at your convenience Monday – Saturday 6 AM – 9 PM.
Most moves start at 8-9 AM. Your lead man will call you when in route.
Residential Moving - Movers in Winter Park, FL
Free wardrobe service & basic electronics disconnect / reconnect is always included. We suggest professional packing. Moving companies coverage does not protect you against “customer packed boxes”. Our staff is constantly re-educated and retrained when new moving equipment and furniture makes its way into the market. You would be surprised how knowledgeable our staff is when it comes to foreign goods as well. Most people don't know what an opium bed is or how to assemble one. We do.
We make a list of all your items. Your welcome to add and subtract from the list before your move. Only you can adjust the flat rate not to exceed. You can change your dates as many times as you like before the date of your move, up to 36 hours before. Storage is always available on our trucks for up to 5 days or in our secured facility.
Leave your boxes right where they lay. We are your mover. No need to move anything. Mark your boxes on top and one side as to what the items came out of, what room there going into, and we will stage them so you don't have to do any lifting at the destination either. We take everything but explosives, fuel, and ammunition. Use plastic bins for cleaning supplies or any other toxic chemicals.

We are a Christian Company with much compassion and integrity. Profits feed Orlando's homeless. We are fast, efficient, and do NOT do damage.


Money savings tips:

If your home is available before your moving date, buy just enough plastic bins that fit in your vehicle-s and gradually move small items over for the kitchen, laundry, and closets. Remove your vehicles from your garage, driveway, and immediately to the left and right of the driveway on the street. Allow clearance and mobility for your truck and men.

We take it a step farther and match our employees with our customers, based on personalities, as often as we can. We hand pick who goes on what jobs. We want a happy move for everyone. A move worth talking about. Our professionals know what it takes, or in this case, doesn't take, to get your items moved, safely, securely, without damage, and without breaking your bank account.

We can move anything. We have the capabilities and the resources to have your house moved. Literally. It is rare that we find a piece of furniture that just one of our seasoned professionals couldn't move completely by themselves. You would really be surprised what were capable of.


One Large Moving Truck and 2 Movers - Movers in Winter Park, FL
One large moving truck - 2 professional movers
Like most moving companies in a major city, our Professional Drivers are on an hourly rate, and we must charge for drive time.
One Large Moving Truck and 3 Movers - Movers in Winter Park, FL
One large moving truck - 3 professional movers
Cut your time in half and keep your movers fresh by adding a 3rd Pro and now you have 2 Pro's running to a 3rd loading the truck!
One Large Moving Truck and 4 Movers - Movers in Winter Park, FL
One large moving truck - 4 professional movers
Add a 4th Pro to run all 1 man items like boxes, lamps, plants, dining chairs, paintings, small furniture, etc. and you have yourself a fast, efficient, unstoppable machine!